Friend of the Sea

Our commitment to sustainability:

In October 2019 Kaikoura Kayaks became the very first Friend of the Sea sustainable operator in New Zealand. 

The Standard: 

Friend of the Sea - Dolphin and Whale Watching standard seeks to minimise unintentional disturbance through key principles of conduct. Friend of the Sea criteria for Sustainable Dolphin and Whale Watching require: maximum number of vessels in Watching Zone; approach distance; training programmes for operators and crew; scientific data collection; no swim with; no mono-use plastic onboard.

Friend of the Sea works globally with the nation states, seafood and shipping industries, scientists, NGOs and the public to promote sustainable use of the oceans and aquatic habitat conservation, playing a fundamental role in the global sustainability movement.

The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment was launched on 14 November 2017 aiming to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025.

KAIKOURA KAYAKS has agreed to adpot the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment by implementing and developing sustainable goals to our business practices.

ECONOMIC: Achieving Economically Sustainable Tourism

VISITOR: Achieving Visitor Sustainability

HOST COMMUNITY: Achieving Sustainable Host Communities

ENVIRONMENT: Achieving Environmentally Sustainable Tourism

To deliver on this, we must achieve ambitious economic goals while sharing the overwhelming benefits with supportive host communities, contributing to restoring, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, and continuing to be a high quality destination of choice for domestic and international travellers.

Kaikoura Kayaks will strive to live the sustainability values and outperform the requirements.


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