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Kayaking Fishing with Kaikoura Kayaks NZ

Kayak fishing is a terrific way to fish!

Kayak fishing is commonly accepted as the fastest and easiest way to fish the Kaikoura coast.

The inherent stability of our sit-on-top fishing kayaks along with their self draining scupper holes makes it virtually impossible to capsize.

Kayak fishing is not only an exciting experience it's been proven to be a highly productive form of fishing.

Whether its drift kayak fishing, fishing around rocks, offshore fishing, or using your fishing kayak to set a long line and sit back and catch fish to your heart's content.

Our kayaks include retractable rudders which allow you to drift with the tide and regain manoeuvrability when required. This flexibility means you can paddle into nooks and crannies where even a small fishing boat can't go.

Catching fish on a kayak is a special experience and the Kaikoura Peninsula and the surrounding areas provide an abundant supply of all fish species.

Best of all fishing with the magnificent backdrop of the Kaikoura ranges and the craggy cliff faces creates an excellent experience all round. There's also the sheer thrill and excitement of landing that big one off a fishing kayak.

Our instructors and guides know all the best spots on the Kaikoura coastline and Peninsula, so be sure to ask what we can do to help make your fishing experience one you'll both enjoy and treasure.

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Full Day Private tour $499.00 NZD

Not available June - July - August.

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